°°°Rare as it gets…: Jack Goldstein – Planets Boxset 1984 Neutral Records°°°

Jack Goldstein was born in Canada but moved to Los Angeles and studied at the CalArts under John Baldessari. In the 70s he was busy as performance and conceptual artist creating experimental films and also some vinyl records. In the late 70s he became part of “The Pictures Generation” in NYC. The work of this group could be seen as a trailblazer of “sampling” or “remixing” since they recontextualizes pre-existing images or art.


His recorded output on vinyl is very rare and hard to track down. Here we have his 6×10″ Boxset “Planets” released on the Glenn Branca founded label “Neutral Records” which is most famous for the early Sonic Youth and Swans releases. The hand assembled and painted box came out in 1984 and is said to be limited to approximately 50 copies. It contains appropriated and recontextualized sounds of former special effect library recordings.

Seldom to show up at all, you’ll rather find a copy in an art gallery or an auction catalog than in a real record store…but yet one is up for sale at Marleen Records if you’re in need!

~ by Marleen Records on July 4, 2017.

One Response to “°°°Rare as it gets…: Jack Goldstein – Planets Boxset 1984 Neutral Records°°°”

  1. One of David bowies favarites

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