Vinylporn № 3 or what IS vinylporn anyway ?

Lately we’ve been asked “what the heck is ‘Vinylporn’?”    Well…here is what our anthropologist, brain surgeon and belt drive expert Chico D’aMan has to say: “The collective human mind stores certain imprints through time and space. Some of these imprints are closely connected to the release of certain amino acids or neurotransmitters. So let’s say there’s a collective imprint we could call “Marylin Monroe” shaped by cultural and social stamps; therefore by looking at an MM image many people will experience a certain kind of stimula and association-chain probably leading to the release of sticky body fluids (e.g. soggy angulus oris). This biochemical mechanism also lies behind porn, in this case routed and stored in the depths of our brainstem;-) The cultural evolution connected to the use and admiration of vinyl records shaped imprints of another extremist kind. Although not residing in every human being, once triggered they will nonetheless lead to sensations like sweaty hands, racing heart, insomnia or just wet pants.”    So here you go all you addicts, without further ado let’s take another sniff by looking at:


°the original french EP of “Wooly Bully” by Sam The Sham & The Pharaos°



~ by Marleen Records on January 21, 2014.

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